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  2. Informations techniques
  3. Informations sur votre récepteur
  4. A (rouge)
  5. Info
  6. B (vert)

Codes d'erreurs

Er00 - The software that was available for upgrading was of an older or of the same version as the one already in the digital-box.
Er01, Er02 -The upgrade failed. Some information was missed out.
Er03 - The internal memory is not large enough to receive the upgrade.
Er04 - The signal was disturbed during the upgrade.
Er05 - Wrong type of data was received during upgrade.
Er06 - Not used.
Er07 - Access problem in back-up memory (EEPROM).
Er08 - Access problem in video memory.
Er09 - Can not find any data to do an upgrade.
Er10 - Poor or no cable-TV signal.
Er11,12 - Not used.
Er13 - Unauthorised data signals received by the digital-box.
Er14 - Faulty data signals received by the digital-box.
Pb01 - A problem in the ROM memory is detected.
Pb02 - Memory size is too small.
Pb03 - A problem occurred during start up (initialisation problem).
Pb04 - Internal communication failure.
PbF9 - Hardware error identified during start-up

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